Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2019 –(And Why They Are Worth Buying!)

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2019 –(And Why They Are Worth Buying!)

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India – We spent hours researching the best kitchen chimneys in India so that you can choose the right one for Indian cooking.We compared the top brands and their models. Complete guide on auto clean chimney, brands, reviews, and rating. 

Our chimney buying guide give you various hoods options. Some buyers looking for kitchen chimney under 10000, so here you will find all kitchen chimney brands to buy it online.

There are many kitchen chimneys brands available in the market. It is challenging to pick the best chimney in India. Our Buyer’s Guide & Reviews will help you to pick the best chimney for Indian kitchen.

Your advanced and modern kitchen is not completed without a chimney. So, here we have compiled a list of best kitchen chimney models with price.

1. Hindware Chimney Cleo Heat Autoclean 60cm 1200m3/hr Stainless Steel

Hindware has been providing quality, advanced technology, durable products and futuristic design in the India market for more than six decades and is considered to be one of the best chimney brands in India. This brand is known for its top-quality kitchenware’s, and from their wide range of range hood, the one that made into our list is their Cleo heat Autoclean Chimney,– which is an ideal mix of stylish designs and cutting edge technology.

Hindware Chimney Cleo Heat AutocleanThe size of this chimney is 60 cm which is ideal for a kitchen stove with 2-4 burners. It can easily cover up the whole cooking platform and keeps your indoor air fresh whenever required.

This chimney offers the suction power of 1200m3/hr, which you can utilize for different style Indian cooking. You can place this chimney at the top of your cooktop and trust its capacity for grilling and deep frying cooking. This model was made to consume less energy while at the same time, offering top-notch power. It is equipped with the stainless steel baffle filter with an oil collector which requires less maintenance.

It also has a thermal auto clean feature which, as mentioned above, allows you to clean its filter whenever you want automatically. With just a pua sh of a button, you can easily clean its filer without any efforts hence ensuring a smoke-free and fresh environment in your kitchen.

Its metallic blower and housing allow you to comfortably cook your food without too much disturbance from its noise. Its noise la level is 58dB, which will never come in the way of your cooking.


•    Its 60 cm size is ideal for an ordinary Indian Kitchen with 2-4 burner stove.

•    Its Thermal Auto-Clean feature saves a lot of time, and you do not need to worry about cleaning its baffle filter every week

•    It makes cooking that involves grilling and frying a lot more comfortable and less pollutant.

•    Its oil collector container makes sure that grease and oil doesn’t stick to the inner surface of the chimney

•    As mentioned above, its noise reduction function allows for comfortable cooking sessions.


•    This chimney can only be used if you have placed your kitchen cook top next to a wall because it is a wall mounted one.

•    It is not good of an option for those who have larger kitchen areas and make use of 3-6 burner stove.

2. Sunflame Innova Kitchen Chimney

Sunflame is yet another famous kitchenware brand in India. From its vast range of Kitchen chimneys, Sunflame Innova has made its way to our list because of its capability and high performance.

This chimney comes in the 90 cm size, which is ideal for those kitchens where 3-5 burner cooktop is being used. So, if you have a huge kitchen, then this chimney is capable of keeping its air fresh for a long time.

It offers the suction capacity of 1100m3/hr, which ensures that there will be no bad odours in your kitchen. It will help you keep your kitchen odour free even if you are grilling or frying your food.


Sunflame Innova Kitchen ChimneyJust like our first entry, this chimney is also equipped with a baffle filter which is ideal for Indian kitchen use. To make sure your chimneys are giving its best output you need to replace its filter every six months and it is easy to clean saving you a lot of precious time which you can use in cooking.

Another advantage that you get forms this chimney over the hindware one is the fact that you do not need to install an external vent for its functioning. You can enjoy its ductless operations through its charcoal filters.

This one also features an auto-clean feature which saves you a lot of time. It also features an easy touch option and a maximum noise level of 62dB.


•    You get two years of brand warranty on this model, which ensures its durability and reliability.

•    Another cool thing about this model is its unique steel design which charms the buyer and is quote safe and easy to use.

•    It comes in two colour variants grey and steel you can get the one you preferred from

•    It features high-quality charcoal and baffle filters which do not require replacement that often.


•    This model is only made for residential uses and not for commercial ones.

•    You need to provide an additional amount for its installation and ducting as this charge is not included in the MRP.

3. Glen 6062 60 Cm Stainless Steel Kitchen Chimney

With their new innovative products and thoughtful features, GLEN has been dominating the Indian Kitchenware market for more than 20 years.

It features stainless steel design making it one of the most durable kitchen Chimneys in the market. It is made for wall mounting use by utilizing the straight glass method.  You can trust this product without any worries because it comes with one year’s warranty for the product and seven years of warranty on its motor, Impressive right!

Glen Stainless Steel Kitchen Chimney

This one also has 60 cm size chimney, so just like any other 60 cm model, it can perfectly fit in 2-4 burner cook top. For a small kitchen which has less than 50 m3 area, its 1000m3/hr suction capacity is ideal. This one is also ideal for every type of Indian cooking and other experiments.

It has easy to use touch panel through which you can easily control it, and its noise level is 58dB, which is pretty less for any conventional chimney in India.


•    The glass used for its production makes it extremely durable.

•    It dramatically enhances the overall appearance of your kitchen with its glossy finish and fantastic design.

•    It has new school baffle filter, which is easy to clean and offers vibrant airflow, making the chimney durable.

•    It also features a thermal overload protector (which is mentioned above) that saves it from excessive heat. This thermal protector automatically turns off the motor in case of overheating.

•    It is energy efficient


•    Just like the product mentioned above, this one also requires additional payment for installation and ducting, which is a no-no for a lot of clients.

•    If you are not used to cleaning, then this product might be not suitable for you as it requires due care just like your valuable equipment.

4. Seavy 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

This product offers an ideal blend of functioning and look, so if look is just as important functionality for you, then this is a great pick. In this price range, this kitchen model by seavy easily beats any other model from different brands.

It features a suction capacity of 1200m3/hr which works for both large and medium size kitchen. If you have a large family, then this one would be a great pick.

Seavy Auto Clean Chimney

It makes your kitchen look a lot more appealing with its stylish design and cutting-edge technology. It also has a smart panel through which you can operate it efficiently. Another unique feature that you get from this model is its auto-clean feature.

It has a baffle filter which, just like every other entry in our list, sucks out oil, grease residues and collects them in an attached container. You make clean this chimney with just a push of a button. It uses thermal heat to clean itself.

It comes with a free installation kit which consists of aluminum tape, aluminum duct tape, cowl cover and U clamps. You also get one year of warranty for any technical fault in the products and five years of warranty on its motor.


•    We have pretty much covered all of its Pros in our summery above but here is a quick overview of positives of this product

•    It has a baffle filter which requires cleaning every six months

•    It has a great look along with amazing functionality

•    A cool Auto-Clean feature


•    It might prove to be overkill for small kitchens.

5. Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney

You might have heard of Eurodomo as it is quite famous for offering elegant, efficient and stylish kitchen chimneys in India. With amazing easy to use features and black stainless steel finish, this chimney is what we can say a proper blend of safety and style.

It can function efficiently in the small to medium sized kitchen with its 1050 c3/hr suction power. Its powerful baffle filter and motor can easily cleanse the air of your kitchen by sucking out dust, dirt, oil, grease and any other pollutant present in the air.

Eurodomo Onyx Kitchen Chimney

This product does not feature Auto-clean facility, but its filter does not require that much maintenance for working in with its full potential, so you just need to clean it at least once a month and you are all good to enjoy its maximum output and proper air flow.

Just like every other Chimney in our list this one also has one year of manufacturer warranty along with a five-year warranty on its motor.


•    It can easily clean the air of a small kitchen through its baffle filter

•    It has an amazing curved look with glass finish which significantly enhances the overall look of your kitchen

•    It has Easy to use smart control button through which you can easily manage it according to your needs

•    Its smart LED can notify you when it requires maintenance


•    It is a lot noisier than any other chimneys in our list

6. Faber 60 Cm 1295m3/Hr Hood Wall Mounted Chimney

Most of the products by Faber are known for their high suction capacity with low noise. Just like those this chimney by Faber is also backed by such amazing technology and other features which are essential to provide you with clean and fresh air in your kitchen. This chimney features a beautiful and sleek glass body along with push button controlling system, which gives you great performance and amazing look.

This 60 cm chimney by faber is all about effecting working and convenience. You can get the result you want with this Chimney for your 2-3 burner cook top in a medium size kitchen.

Faber Hood Wall Mounted ChimneyIt can easily keep your kitchen odour free and fresh with its 1293m3/hr suction capacity and baffle filter. It can easily function in your kitchen with an area of 200 square feet without overheating. Even if you are experimenting with heavy spices or frying and grilling your food, this chimney will still work wonder in your small kitchen

One more amazing aspects of this chimney is the fact that it comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty from fibre along with 12 years of warranty on its motor.

The baffle filter, as already mentioned in the article, is performance oriented and can be easily maintained, and this chimney has a high-quality one making it easier for you to use it. You just need to clean its filters every six months, and you are all good to go.

If you are purchasing a chimney for kitchen first time and do not have any idea how to use a chimney, then fear not because it’s easy to use push button control is ideal for beginners. With its 58dB voice level, you won’t hear anything when this chimney is working.


•    It is ideal for medium and small size kitchen due to its 1295m3/hr suction power

•    It has a wall mounted design which takes up a lot less space, you just need to fix your cooktop beside a wall, and you are all goo to go.

•    It is easy to operate making it an ideal choice for someone new to the concept of Kitchen Hood.


•    You need some additional funds for its wall mounting

7. Prestige 90cm (41614)- DLX Wall Mounted Chimney

With the name of Prestige, you get the trust by yourself if you are seeking kitchen equipment as it has won millions of hearts of Indians with its excellent services. Prestige 90 cm is another appliance which has been added recently into the superior products of the company.

Prestige DLX Wall Mounted Chimney

If you are looking for kitchen appliances in India then just by hearing the name “Prestige” you get a sense of trust. Prestige is a brand that is made quite a huge customer base in India by offering high-quality products and amazing customer service. The Prestige 90cm Kitchen chimney is a new addition to their already amazing line of products.

This Kitchen Chimney features that the suction power of 1000 cubic meters per hour and is equipped with two baffle filters. If you are tired of cleaning clogged pollutants from your chimney, then these products will give relief.

With this, you can easily get rid of unwanted moisture from your kitchen. Apart from these, there are several different pros that you get with this Kitchen Chimney, which are as follows:


•    It has an auto timer setting through which you can quickly turn it on and off on time and save a lot of energy.

•    It has two LED lamps which are easy to use and pretty useful too.

•    It also has tempered glass, and heat resistant body making it unmatchable than any other kitchen chimney in this price rage.

•    Its baffle filters do not permit moisture to stock and dust to clog inside it.

•    It has a digital display panel along with five push buttons to control it efficiently.


•    It is not suitable for small and medium size kitchen; hence, it is not suitable for the majority of middle-class homes.

•    You need to pay an additional fee for its installation and ducting when ordering this product to make sure you get better customer service.

8. KAFF 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney (ELBAA MX 60, Grey)

This Chimney by KAFF features a stainless steel finish along with a stylish design which fits well in any modern kitchen. It it’s 60cm it can provide the suction capacity of 1000 m3/h which works well in the small kitchen where cooking is not done regularly. It does not have auto cleaning feature, but its aluminum filter can be easily cleaned when required.

KAFF Chimney


•    It comes with one-year overall warranty and seven years warranty on its motor, which gives you a sense of security and reliability.

•    It can easily manage the kitchen which are around 200 square feet even if there it is being used for heavy grilling and frying.

•    Its 60 cm size is ideal for a kitchen with 2-3 burner stove


Compared to other products on the same size, its voice level is pretty high, 62dB.

It features a cassette filter which requires cleaning in every two weeks, which is not suitable for someone lazy.

9. Pigeon 60cm 860 m3/hr Chimney (Sterling DLX, 2 Baffle Filters, Steel/Grey)

This 60 cm stylish and decorative stainless steel finished chimney by pigeon comes with two baffle filters and sterling DLX. It is a wall mounted type chimney, and it can easily cover 100-200 square feet space with its 860 m3/hr suction capacity. Its baffle filter is made especially for Indian cooking styles, which usually requires a lot of frying and grilling and this filter only requires cleaning in every six months. It does not feature an auto-clean function, but you do not need that since you only need cleaning it every six months. Its noise level is 56dB, which is the lowest in our list. It is one of the cheapest chimneys in the market, and it comes with one-year overall brand warranty and seven years warranty on its motor.

Pigeon Chimney


•    If you are looking for a budget-friendly entry-level kitchen chimney, then this should be your only pick.

•    In this price range, it beats all of its competitor’s hands down when it comes to suction capacity and ease of use.


•    It does not feature an auto clean function

•    It does not have a smart push button control

10. Butterfly 60cm 1200 m3/hr Chimney (Superb Plus, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Steel/Grey)

The butterfly brand is well known for its performance and quality kitchen appliances. Its chimney is no exception. Nothing can beat the stylish look of this chimney in this price range; it’s beautiful LCD adds into its charm. Its baffle filter provides the suction capacity of 1000m3/hr, which is sufficient to clean all of the impurities in the room of 200square feet area. It is a wall mounted model, so you need to fix your cooktop beside a wall to use it. It also features a three-speed control feature through which you can manage its suction power according to your needs.

Butterfly Chimney


•    It is easy to manage and control with its smart touch panel

•    It comes with seven years warranty on motor and one year warranty on the overall product

•    It has a low noise level of 58dB

•    It only requires cleaning every six months

•    It has an attached container that collects the residues of oil and dirt


There are not any cons in this product that stands out.

We hope that it will help you find your ideal kitchen chimney. If you have any additional queries regarding buying kitchen Chimneys then do let us know in the comments below.

Which chimney is better for indian style cooking

: So, not that you are reading these articles our guess is you finally came to know that the harmful gases emitted from your kitchen stove are the primary reason for air pollution indoors.

According to a lot of different studies, it is confirmed that gas stoves emit a considerable amount of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ultrafine particles, which are a respiratory irritant and are extremely harmful to our health. You are exposed to all of these toxic gases even if you are using an electric stove.

A lot of people do not even know about the presence of these gases as these are extremely minute and cannot be picked by our nose.

To avoid all of these harmful gases and minimize their effects, the first thing that you need to do is to ventilate your kitchen. For ventilation you can make use of Range hoods or chimneys, through these you can efficiently ventilate these gases out of your house. 

Even on the minimum speed, Best Range hoods and chimneys can more than 70 percent of pollutants and enhance the quality of air in your surroundings.

So, now let’s move on to our main topic, how you choose an appropriate and best chimney and range hood for your kitchen. Apart from this, we are also going to mention the 10 best chimney in india and range hood in the Indian market with their full descriptions and other relevant details.

Here are some vital factors that you need to consider when purchasing a kitchen chimni in India

The concept of using kitca hen chimneys is relatively new in India as compared to other kitchen equipment. Since there are a lot of individuals, who are not aware of this tool, which is the reason why a lot of them are confused when they consider getting one for their kitchen. To help you make a wise and smart choice when purchasing a kitchen Chimney here, we have mentioned a few vital points that you must keep in mind while shopping for your range hood or kitchen chimney.

1) Types of Kitchen Chimney Filter

The life of any kitchen mainly depends on the filter used in it. A filter, as the name suggests, works as a partition between fumes and dirt. It stops dirt and other pollutants from entering the chimney. Generally, there are two different types of filter, Mesh filter and Baffle filter. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. But, Baffle filter is the most chosen one because it is easier to clean this one. Aside from this, it works perfectly with different cooking styles of India.

Well, according to the material, structure, and filtering process, the Kitchen chimney filters are divided into three different types, which are as follows:

  • Cassette filter

This type of filters is prepared from a mesh of aluminum. These aluminum meshes are placed one on the top of other with a slight gap in between through which air flows. This mesh of aluminum thread works as a barrier for grease and oil particles.

These oil and grease particles easily block this aluminum thread in a week which reduces the suction power chimney, which is why you need to clean it every week. If you are not cleaning it regularly, then you can’t benefit from it to its full capacity.

  • Baffle filter

A baffle filter has a curvy shape and functions as a kind of flow control panel. When it sucks in the air, it passes through different curves of this filter and this change that direction of the smoke. Through this process, this filter also sucks in the old and grease components of the air. Its suction power is not affected negatively even if you do not clean it for weeks. Hence it is a better option than cassette filter if you are not going to clean it regularly.

This type of filters works perfectly with the Indian dishes that are loaded with Spices. You can easily find a chimney with baffle filter attached to it, check out our list below we have mentioned quite a few.

Usually, it requires cleaning once in 3 months and baffle filters also last longer than any other type of filters without any repairs and replacement.

  • Carbon filter

A carbon filter is usually called a Charcoal filter because it is manufactured from black charcoal. The primary function of this filter is to absorb the odour. It is more or less an option that can be selected as per one’s needs.

A carbon filter is popularly known as Charcoal filter because they are made from black charcoal. This filter works wonders in reducing the odour.  So, if sucking out the odour is the prime reason why you are purchasing a kitchen chimney, then this is the ideal pick for you. But keep in mind that this type of filters needs to be replaced in every six months because the smoke and oil components block the air flow.

2) Different types of Kitchen Chimney

The structure, construction and area of your kitchen are a vital thing to consider which type of chimney will suit it perfectly. The platform you are using to cook your food (Hob, Stove) also affects the choice of the chimney.

Right now, there are four different types of Kitchen chimneys available in the Indian markets, which are as follows:

Wall Mounted Chimney

In the wall mounted chimney, your chimney is installed against the wall above your cook-top. If you have limited area in your kitchen, then it is a great pick.

Island Chimney

In this type of kitchen chimney, the chimney is mounted on the ceiling above the hob and cooking top. It can be chosen when your hob or cooking platform is located at the center of the kitchen.

Built-in Chimney

This type of chimney is made for specially built wooden kitchen furniture.

Corner Chimney

As you can guess from its name, this type of chimneys is assembled at the corner of your kitchen. Here you need to place your hob and cook top at the edge of your kitchen against a wall.

3) Size

You should always give due care when choosing the size of the Kitchen Chimney. The chimney you have chosen should either be of the same size as bigger than your cooktop. In any case, it should never be smaller than your kitchen stove.

There are a lot of different sizes and shapes of kitchen chimney available in the Indian market, your choice before buying one should be dependent on the size of your stove. As mentioned above, it should be either bigger or of the same size as your cooktop.

For your usual 2 to 4 burner cooktop the most chosen and common chimney size is 60 cm.

4) Suction capacity and power

The suction power and capability of a kitchen chimney is measured in cubic meter per hour. It can consider as the power or capacity through which your chimney suck smoke, oil particles, grease and odour.

For any typical Indian home, a range hood with high suction capacity is perfect for meeting your all requirements. If you are planning to use your chimney every day, then according to the size of your kitchen, you can either go for suction power between 400m3/hr to 1000m3/hr. A chimney which features bigger hose usually has better suction power.

Since the primary use of kitchen chimney and range hoods is to suck smoke and dirt away, thus as a general rule of thumb, the higher the suction power, the better it is.

An ideal kitchen chimney should offer a suction power between 800-1000m3/hr.

5) Blower Capacity or Motor Power

Before you purchase your kitchen chimney from any famous brand it is vital to check the power motor capacity of that model, the primary function of a blower is sucking the air out of your kitchen through a chimney. It helps in cleaning the dust particles from indoors; hence, you should make sure that the motor is filled before purchasing your chimney.

To save more money and time you should go with a non-stick aluminum motor and blower because it does not require replacement that often and are easy to clean.

6) Maintenance and Cleaning

To make sure your chimney is providing the highest possible output and last long it is the duty of its user to keep it clean.

Today most of the chimneys come with an easy to remove the filter that makes them a lot easy to clean, and if you can raise your budget a bit, then you can also go for chimneys that have clean auto features. With this, you do not need to clean your chimneys as it will clean itself automatically.

Any Kitchen chimney requires cleaning frequently to give 100% output in sucking oil, grease, and dust. If there are too much of these pollutants is clogging the filter, it significantly decreases its cleaning efficiency. For Indian homes where food is usually filled with spices and oils, this can pose quite a problem.

Most of the kitchen chimneys in India come with the baffle filter, which requires a lot of time and effort to clean because you need to take it out from the chimney to clean it manually. That is why auto clean chimneys are an excellent option for Indian homes, and if you have the budget to get one, then we recommended going for an Auto cleaning chimney.

As the name suggests, an auto cleaning chimney automatically cleans clogged oil and grease and keeps the filter clean. All the dirt is collected in a container which can be easily detached and cleaned instantly. As already mentioned above, baffle filter needs to be cleaned in every two weeks hence going for an auto-clean chimney might be a feasible choice.

Auto-clean chimneys come in two different variants:

  • Thermal and heat Auto Clean Chimneys

In this one, all the clogged pollutants are heated to the extent to that they turn into the liquid which is collected in the attached container.

  • Water Auto Clean Chimneys

In this type of automated chimney, you need to add-in some water in a separate tank which assists in loosening up the clogged pollutants.

7) Warranty

Warranty is another vital aspect that you need to consider when buying the kitchen chimney in India. A lot of well-known brands or manufacturer offers a warranty for their products. This warranty ensures that the product is trustworthy and reliable. If there is any malfunctioning in your product during the warranty period, the company will offer free services to fix the issue.

This is the reason why you should always purchase kitchen chimneys brand from a renowned brand. The usual warranty period for kitchen chimneys is at least one years, but there is plenty of different brand in the market that offers two years warranty for their products.

8) Appropriate Budget

Well, if you are purchasing anything, then, of course, you are going to consider the price of the product. Hence, fix a budget for purchasing your chimney beforehand instead of getting confused with all the available options in the market.

According to the benefits and features of the kitchen chimneys, the price will vary considerably. The more elements there are in the chimney, the costlier it will be, that is why we are suggesting fixing a budget beforehand and then finding the most suitable chimney in your budget.

Compare different brands of kitchen chimneys that are available in your particular budget, and choose the one the suits your requirements the most. This way, you can get your ideal kitchen chimney at the best price. 

9) Noise

One of the most common complains that we hear from a lot of Chimney users is the high noise that it makes. Too much noise can cause irritation and inconvenience when you are cooking. Because of the noise, one can also limit the use of Chimney, which ultimately fails the purpose of installing it.

The heavy noise is usually caused due to the issues with the suction motor, air circulation and blower. Hence, if you want to avoid such noises, then choose the kitchen chimney after thoroughly calculating its noise level rating.

10) Speed

Cheap and entry-level hood ranges and chimneys come with only one-speed option. But it is always a great choice to go for chimneys that provides multiple speed options. If you are cooking something that produces less smoke then you can adjust it on lower speed level, and if you are frying something then it is going to create a lot of smoke then you can use high-speed options.

11)  Overall look, Design and Feel

Well, these aspects do not have any effect on the efficiency of the chimney. But if you are also going for the looks along with functionality, then it becomes a vital aspect. If you wish to add in some additional appeal to the overall look of your interior, then Design of the chimney is also crucial.

However, we suggest that do not go for only looks like a chimney which has excellent design might not work effectively. Thus, we recommend that you should never compromise on features because of the look of the chimney. The primary purpose of a kitchen chimney is cleaning the air of your interior not to make it look appealing to keep that in mind.

12) Thermal Overload Protector

This is an automatic feature that cuts the power supply automatically when the motor starts overheating, which seizes motor exhaustion.

So, these are all the vital aspects that you need to consider to purchase your best kitchen chimney in India. Aside from the above-mentioned aspects and features, features such as Alarms, LED lights, soundproof, brand, make, and touch screen are some other vital add-ons that you should consider when purchasing your kitchen chimney.