Auto Clean Chimney- How Does It Work ?

It is Very tedious job when it comes to clean the kitchen specially if you have kitchen chimney installed. Certainly at the same time solution is Auto Clean Chimney.

Indian cuisine requires a lot of grilling, frying and using many different masalas and oil. Although a blend of all of these fantastic ingredients gives an amazing taste and aroma to the recipe, it also leaves its marks on your kitchen ceiling and tiles. From time to time, grime and dust collect over the counter appliances and cabinets. Cleaning these grime and dust particles is the thing that discourages a lot of people from cooking instead of the cooking process itself.

In this situation, a kitchen chimney comes in handy. It helps you to keep your kitchen clean and free from airborne pollutants but cleaning the filter of these chimneys is also a time-consuming and tedious task. That is why we always recommended everyone to purchase an Auto-clean chimney by just investing a bit more. It can save a lot of your precious time. As the name suggests, an auto clean chimney provides you with the facility to get rid of dust and oil particles from your chimney without human intervention.

Auto Clean Chimney working function

Here is how an Auto-Clean Chimney Works

These Auto-clean chimneys feature an Aluminum non-stick turbine blower; all of the cooking fumes pass through the turbine. All of the oil and dust particles are sucked in the chimney along with cooking fumes and are collected in an attached container. These containers can be easily removed and washed separately. All the users need to do is to wash these containers at least once a month, and they will be good to do. To keep your kitchen clean, all you need to do is to press the auto clean button while cooking, and you will have your stainless kitchen.

The majority of Auto-cleaning chimney features a better suction power that can efficiently suck in the grease, oil and harmful pollutants. Through an Automated kitchen chimney, you can keep the air of your interiors completely fresh and free from harmful pollutants.

Benefits of Auto clean filters

  • The performance of the Auto-clean chimneys does not get dulled because it prevents grease and oil particles from clogging. This clog particle negatively affects the suction capacity of the chimney.
  • Since Auto-clean chimneys feature a non-stick turbine blower which prevents clogging of grease and oil, hence it greatly increases the life of every part of your kitchen.
  • There is no need to frequently clean the filter because you just need to empty the dust collector once they are filled and you can use it however you want.
  • As already mentioned above, Auto-clean chimneys are easy to clean and maintain.
  • It saves you a lot of your precious time because you do not need to clean your chimney every week.

Aside from this, there are plenty of other benefits that you can avail from an Auto-clean chimney. If you want to get the best Auto-clean chimney in India, then consider going through our list of Top 10 Chimneys in India 2019.

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