Best Exhaust Fan For Kitchen – How do i choose?

How you can choose a best exhaust fan for kitchen, not to worry, here is the simple things you need to keep in mind while go for selection of any exhaust fan for kitchen or room.

Our kitchen is a type of workshop in which we prepare mouthwatering dishes for our loved ones. But the entire cooking procedure has several unwanted by-products such as moisture, grease, smoke and odour.

All of these pollutants and compounds can be pretty annoying while you are cooking your food. With the help of a proper ventilation system, you can, keep good control over all of these unwanted by-products.

Some of the most popular ventilation systems for a kitchen is an Exhaust fan. An exhaust fan is an ideal ventilation system for Indian style cooking.

Best Exhaust Fan For Kitchen in india

But if your kitchen exhaust fan is not powerful enough according to the size of your kitchen, then you will probably come across a coating of grease and smoke residue underneath your cook top and other surfaces of your kitchen.

To help you choose a perfect exhaust fan for Indian cooking

We have compiled a list of key things that you should consider before purchasing a Best Exhaust fan for your kitchen:

  • Overhead Exhaust fans: We always recommended everyone to get an overhead exhaust fan for their kitchen. Naturally, heat tends to go upwards; that is why exhaust fans installed at a higher wall collects all the airborne cooking odours and debris in your kitchen.
  • Size: To ensure the proper functioning of an exhaust fan size, it is important. To calculate the approx size of the fan suitable for your kitchen, multiply the length, width and height of your kitchen and halve with the fan output needed in cubic-feet- per- minute. Always buy a fan that can easily cover the area of your kitchen in medium setting.
  • Choose a fan that has speed control options and includes removable grease collector, dishwasher safe and lighting.
  • For venting, you should always choose the ducts that are recommended by fan producers, always stay under the max length mentioned by the producer. Make sure to cover your duct completely with a high-quality roof cap to make sure rain does not enter the house through the duct. Avoid the ducts with sharp angels. Use metal duct tape to seal the joints, or else the risk of leaks and unwanted fire in your house is always present.
  • Above all always make sure to consult an exhaust fan seller about the sizing of your fan and procedures that you must comply with to stay under warranty.

Exhaust Fan DANGERS

Before purchasing an exhaust fan, you might be thinking that picking the one with the highest power should be the appropriate choice, but that is not the case. High capacity exhaust fans can cause back drafting in a chimney. Back drafting is the process in which harmful and combustible gases are drawn down the chimneys into your house.

Make sure to take care of back drafting if you are using a chimney along with an exhaust fan.

So, this is all you need to know to purchase you a perfect exhaust fan for your kitchen. We hope that this guide will help you find Which chimney is good for kitchen?


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