Kitchen Chimney Suction power – How to calculate yourself?

To help you pick a kitchen chimney with ideal suction power according to your use; here we have prepared a few tips to calculate the required suction power for your chimney.

Things that a, affects the suction capacity

  • Diameter and length of Ducting
  • Amount of bends in Duct
  • The food being cook in the Kitchen

The size of Ducting varies from kitchen to kitchen depending on the available space. Long duct needs more suction capacity to absorb the smoke and pollutant efficiently; therefore, they required higher suction power. We always recommend that you choose short length ducting as it helps with huge size diameter. There are also some auto clean chimneys that works well to maintain the kitchen neat and clean without hassle.

If there are several bends in the ducting pipe, then it will take more time to throw out the smoke. That is why you should always try to keep as fewer bends in your ducting as possible.

If you cook a lot of non-vegetarian meals in your kitchen then going for a high suction capacity chimney is a better choice. Non-vegetarian foods produce more odour and smoke as compared to vegetarian Indian cuisine.

How to calculate chimney suction power

How to calculate Chimney suction power for your kitchen

As the general rule of thumb, the bigger your kitchen is the more suction power it will take. To keep a kitchen odour and smoke-free a chimney have to fill it at least ten times in an hour.

That is why to find out the suction power needed in your kitchen you need to calculate the volume of your kitchen and then multiply the volume with ten because kitchen chimney fills the space with fresh air ten times.

To find out the volume of your kitchen, multiply the length, height, and width of the kitchen and multiply it with each other. At the end you will get the volume of your kitchen then all you need to do is multiply it with ten you will get the required chimney suction power for your kitchen.

Here is a quick example:

3m x 4m x 2m = 24m³ is the volume of your kitchen.

Then you need to multiply this volume by ten (for a reason mentioned above)

10 x 24m³ = 240m³/h.

So your kitchen needs 400m³/h suction power to keep it fresh and clean.

Tips to enhance the suction power of your chimney

  • Kitchen chimney that features a wide hose/filter area has a better suction capacity.
  • Choose a baffle filter instead of a cassette filter for better suction capacity. Oil and another pollutant that clogs the filter do not affect the suction capacity of a chimney equipped with baffle filter.
  • If you want to maintain the suction capacity of your chimney, then always keep it clean.
  • Go to our chimney buying guide and pick the chimney that features the highest suction capacity.

So this is everything that you need to know to get the most suitable chimney for your kitchen. If you are having troubles finding which model to choose, then consider taking a look at our Chimney buying guide.


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